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Let's Make a Difference

 Project Downtown

Project Downtown is an initiative that began with a few students that were dissatisfied. Dissatisfied with the plight of homeless and needy individuals in cities across the nation, dissatisfied with the blind eye that society has turned toward them, and dissatisfied to their own non-contribution to the betterment of their own communities. So they turned their dissatisfaction into action. 

Project Downtown - Fort Lauderdale is always looking for donations and/or sponsors.


Please click on the PayPal button below to donate to our cause.

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Want to know how to help?


Contact us at or fill out the form on the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Project Downtown - Fort Lauderdale meets at 1pm, every Saturday at Stranahan Park in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.


High School volunteers may receive volunteer service hours if needed.

Our mission is to provide essential services for homeless and disadvantaged segments of the community. 


"We feed you for the sake of God alone, no reward do we seek, nor thanks." (Qur'an, 76:9)

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